When was the last time you turned your phone off completely (not just put it on silent)? Do you think you could for an hour... a day? It probably seems impossible that you could give up social media for a whole week.

But every once in a while, turning off your phone and stepping away from your computer, could be a good thing. Studies are showing that people's social media engagement and mental health are correlated. If you're finding yourself having trouble sleeping because you are worried about missing out on posts, photos, etc. from Instagram or Facebook, that might be a good indication that some time off would be good for you.

If giving up your phone for a whole week seems too extreme for you, consider limiting your exposure to social media to 30 minutes or less a day. It may feel weird not to be scrolling through Facebook at every free moment, but imagine what all you can do with that free time!

In any case, if you do decide to take a break from social media to recharge and relax... I'll miss you.

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