Most relationship issues can be discussed and worked out, but Bustle says that there are some things that if your partner says them to you that you really need to break up over them.

  • When they tell you what to think or how to act and this can be disguised as cute in the beginning of a relationship, but if you're noticing a pattern of your partner trying to change your opinion of things or telling you what you can and cannot do, then you need to end it.
  • They make a comment about your appearance that is in any way hurtful or cruel then this is a big, bold red flag that means that you need to end the relationship. How you look should never be criticized by someone who tells you that they love you.
  • They constantly threaten to leave you which if that's the case, then let them leave. If you don't feel secure about how your partner feels about your relationship then it can affect other aspects of your life and make you feel crazy! If they threaten to leave, then let them leave. You don't need that.

These are some deal breakers in relationships because of their underlying toxic meanings. If your partner is acting in a way that makes you feel unsettled, address those habits immediately with them.

(via Bustle)

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