When a guy holds open the door for a woman do you think that he is sexist? Do you think that he is doing it because he thinks women are weak?

According to NationalPost.com, men who open a door for a woman are as guilty of sexism as those who are rude to them.

Psychologists found that a friendly or chivalrous attitude can mask chauvinistic and patronizing views because the men see females as weak creatures in need of their protection.

They warned that this "benevolent sexism" was harder to spot than the hostile version borne out of an open antipathy. Jin Goh, a psychologist from Northeastern University, Boston, in the U.S., said: "While many people are sensitive to sexist verbal offences, they may not readily associate sexism with warmth and friendliness. Unless sexism is understood as having both hostile and benevolent properties, the insidious nature of benevolent sexism will continue to be one of the driving forces behind gender inequality."

Scientists found that the more hostile sexist participants were perceived as less approachable and friendly in their speech and smiled less during the interaction. In turn, those who displayed a benevolent sexism were considered more approachable, warmer, friendlier and more likely to smile. They also used more positive emotional words and were overall more patient while waiting for a woman to answer trivia questions.

I can't answer for all men who open a door for a woman but I can tell you that when I do it, the absolute last thing on my mind that they are weaker. I am more thinking that I would want someone to do the same thing for my mom.

So, I will have to disagree with this study.

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