If you have an apartment that is considered anything better than "college housing", then you've probably been asked to host friends or family for a weekend at some point. Brit.Co has a few tips to being on of the best hosts for when someone comes to visit.

  • Bathroom amenities stocked and ready because, as a guest, there is nothing worse than having forgotten your toothbrush to ruin a vacation. You can be their hero if you have an extra one in stock for them to use.
  • Always have snacks that you think your guests would like to have around. Things like water bottles, crackers, fruits, as well as hummus and vegetables in the refrigerator.
  • Make sure the "good" sheets are put out and that the fancy towels are in the bathroom for your guests to feel pampered with. If everything is already laid out when they arrive then it looks as though you were looking forward to their arrival.

Being a good host requires some prep-work, but mostly just a lot of being attentive and anticipating the needs of your guests. Hopefully in the future they will reciprocate the hospitality when you want to visit them.

(via Brit.Co)

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