We can all agree that there is never a good time to break-up with someone, but there are certainly worse times to let them have the bad news. Bustle made a list of the absolute worst times to break-up with someone.

  • When you have guests over because you think that they won't make a scene if other people are around. Well, they will make a scene, and you will have just made it awkward for your guests to have to witness the break-up.
  • On their birthday because only a monster would do this. If you got broken up with on your birthday (or any holiday for that matter) you would always think of that every year when that date came around. Please don't do that to someone.
  • When they're going through a major crisis such as if they're grandmother just passed away or they were just diagnosed with cancer. Let them grief for their loved one, or start battling their illness. Someone could develop serious trust issues if they are left at such a vulnerable time in their life.

If you ever liked your partner at all, be kind in how you break it off with them. You would want them to be nice to you if they were the ones initiating the break-up.

(via Bustle)

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