Dating is a very tough and scary thing sometimes. And, we don't always see the if he is not the right person for us.

In a recent survey on "toxic dating" from Opinion Research Corp., 35% of U.S. adults say they have dated a "jerk" and 33% have dated a "creep." Overall, 21% of those surveyed have had dating experiences they describe as "toxic." Julia Sokol, the author of the relationship book "Help! I'm in Love With a Narcissist," offers 10 ways to help you identify Mr. or Ms. Wrong -- that unspecial someone who may be toxic to you. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you often feel as though you are doing most of the work to keep the relationship going and your partner happy?
  2. Do you feel that nobody is thinking about you and what makes you happy?
  3. Is your relationship completely organized around your partner's interests, schedules, and activities (or lack thereof)?
  4. Do you feel controlled by your partner's up and down moods?
  5. Do other people tell you that your partner is "difficult," "selfish" and "self-absorbed?"
  6. Do you find yourself covering up for your partner's inappropriate behavior?
  7. Is your partner making unilateral decisions that affect your life and well being, such as telling you, "We need to move to Belize?"
  8. Is your sense of safety and security regularly threatened by your partner's impulsive, selfish behavior?
  9. Do you feel like a slave to your partner's ego?
  10. Is everything always about your partner (with your needs and priorities obliterated)?

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