I can tell you first hand that if you go to the grocery store, make sure you go on a full stomach. I know that if I go to the store hungry, I guarantee I will fill my cart with junk.

I did know about the shopping hungry issue, but some of these other ones I had no idea of. According to Men's Health, here are some tips to control impulses at the grocery store.

Grab a cart
A study shows that shopping with a basket instead of a cart makes you nearly seven times more likely to purchase vice foods like candy and chocolate. The researchers say that curling your arm inward to carry a basket increases your desire to embrace instant rewards like sweet foods. With a cart, you tend to extend your arm, a motion associated with avoiding negative outcomes. That makes you more likely to shop smart.

Avoid lines
The longer you are exposed to tempting snacks at the checkout, the more likely you are to succumb to them. Avoid the wait by shopping during off-peak hours, such as the middle of the week or late at night.

Leave the kids at home
Children should not have a vote in supermarket decisions About 80% of parents report they will probably buy snacks or frozen desserts if their kids ask for them at the grocery store.

Now you are forewarned when you head to the grocery store. Hopefully, we can make better choices. Happy shopping!

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