Unless you are Zac Efron, you better care about some of the things that your woman hates about you.

I get that when we get comfortable in a relationship, we tend to let our guard down and become more relaxed. But, if you want to keep that spark in the relationship alive then you might want to pay attention to this list of things that women hate about their man.

And, if you are doing any of them, you might want to stop. That, of course, is if you care to be in the relationship with her. Men's Health has compiled a list of things from women that they absolutely hate about their man.

  1. You don't pick up after yourself at our place.
  2. You ask how much our new haircut or handbag cost yet conveniently don't mention your sportsbook.com account or the $200 you lost. Unless we're sharing a bank account with you, we're not interested in your opinions on how we spend our money.
  3. You take to us as if we're one of the guys.
  4. You speak of the future vaguely. Men seem to have perfect a special way of talking about the future that makes it unclear whether we're a part of it or not.
  5. You stop trying. You have us as your wife or girlfriend. We're committed to the situation, and all is good. But pretty soon you stop trying to impress us and we don't like that.
  6. You blatantly look at porn.
  7. You turn down sex. When it happens that we're the one who wants sex and you're the one who doesn't, we find your refusal to be confusing and irritating.
  8. You ask us out via text. Texting is fast and easy and leads to sexy banter but save it until after the first date. Calling a women to ask her out is much more personal.

If you are not sure why she is mad, now you do.

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