It is very easy for me to forget something despite trying my hardest to remember it all. I've tried a number of different things over the years to try and remember little things like where I put my lip balm, or what someone's name is. Here are a few helpful tips that have helped me remember things.

  • Have designated spots for commonly used items such as keys go in the bowl by the door as soon as I get home. Minimize the work that your brain has to do by putting things that you use often back in the same spot every time.
  • Keep something you don't want to forget with your keys if you need to remember to bring something with you the next time you leave the house. Whether that means sticking your keys in the refrigerator next to your lunch, or important papers next to your keys by the door. When you go to grab your keys, you'll see the other things that you need to bring with you, and grab those things as well.
  • Set an alarm to remind yourself every day to take your medicine, or later in the week to pay a bill, or next month when you have a date that you don't want to forget! You always have your phone on you, so use it to help you remember things.

Making things stick in your brain to help you remember what you need to remember can be tough, but creating workarounds and developing habits can help you combat your forgetfulness.

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