Sorry kids! This was a great argument to get your parents to let you have a pet. But, telling them that a dog is good for your health isn't true.

I am not sure that I totally agree with this study. After all, how is caring for or walking a dog not going to do anything beneficial to your well-being?

But, according to The Daily Mail, a huge study was done and basically found no significant difference in health in children who have a cat or dog and those who do not.

"After comparing information about 2,200 children with pets against 3,000 kids without them, un-adjusted results initially showed that kids with pets were significantly healthier than children in non-owning households in terms of positive behavior and overall health. But the effects became no longer statistically significant once the estimates were adjusted for other factors, including family income, language skills and types of housing."

I'm so sorry kids. I still think that having a dog or cat is good for you, even though the study showed otherwise. Hopefully your parents will see that too.

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