Flirting is a fine art. If you are good at it, consider yourself lucky. Because, when flirting is done wrong it really is a train wreck.

Cosmopolitan has released some flirting techniques that don't work. But, what's good about this article is that they offer some things you can say instead of what doesn't work.

Check out four flirting fails AND what do say instead:

"You don't remember my name, do you?"
Maybe you say this to call him out or even to be playful, but such name-shaming just comes off as insecure. Instead-Help him and say, "Hey. We met at X's party. I'm Rebecca." This shows him you are easygoing and don't take yourself too seriously.

"OMG, I'm a sweaty mess. I look disgusting."
This is what I call self-defecating, as in, after receiving a nice compliment from a guy "You look great." You just crap all over it. Not only are you rejecting his attempt to flirt with you, you're also revealing your insecurities. Next time, say: "Aw, thank you. You just made my day, especially after that tough yoga class."

"Oh, you know, nothing much."
Such a vague answer to "So, what's new?" doesn't help continue the conversation. From now on, take this question as an invitation to offer up a positive detail about your current life: "Actually, I've been planning a trip to South America. I can't wait."

"Between us, she's having some issues with her ex."
Maybe you're just making small talk, but spilling the beans about people you both know makes him question your loyalty. Instead, focus on talking people up.

Good luck! And, I'll be looking for the wedding invite in the mail.

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