Some of us may do it more than others but we all fidget. Turns out that those who fidget more are healthier.

We all fidget, but some do it more than others. It can be as simple as gently drumming your fingers on the table or rapidly shaking your leg. Keep doing it! Fidgeting may help you to live longer.

The reality is that many of us spend most of our days sitting -- from the car to the office and back to the car and then on the couch. That can add up to as much as 15 hours a day. And being that sedentary is not healthy.

But researchers from the University of Leeds  wondered if the body movements we often make while sitting are in any way beneficial. The study found that women who frequently sat and were only "slightly" fidgety had a higher risk of dying prematurely than women who were both physically active and didn't sit as much. The women who sat a lot but were either "moderately" or "very" fidgety had the same risk of a premature death as did the physically active women.

The study did not prove a direct cause-and-effect relationship between fidgeting and a lower risk of premature death, but there was an association.

My fidgeting is usually because I have to go to the bathroom. On a side note, why do we hate going to the bathroom? Why do we wait so long that we start to "dance" instead of going to the bathroom. Just wondering.

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