Each of us has our own unique routine to get ready for bed. Maybe you absolutely need a glass of water, no eating past a certain time, or maybe the only way you fall asleep is by passing out on the couch! There has to be easier solutions to getting yourself and your body ready for bed, right?!


Since I need to be to work before 5 a.m., I usually TRY to go to sleep around 9:30 at night! But sometimes it's difficult for my body and mind to get into sleep mode because I used to be such a night owl! So I figured if I did a little research I'd find an easy, and realistic way to help prepare myself for bed!


That's right! Sunglasses are the key to preparing your mind and body for bed, especially when you may not be ready! A recent study done by sleep expert at the University of British Columbia, found that if you have trouble sleeping, you can help yourself by wearing sunglasses at night!

If you put on the sunglasses two hours before you want to go to bed, it'll deflect the light hitting you from all your screens, and help your body get ready for sleep. Crazy to think something so simple can make such a big impact!

p.s. - I tried this last night & it did actually help my mind get ready for sleep, and I passed out within 5 minutes of laying down in bed hahah!

[ VIA: CBC ]

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