If you grew up with someone who is now your best friend, perhaps there has been a time where you thought that maybe the two of you should date. Your parents and their parents get along, you two know everything about each other. Why not? Bustle says that you shouldn't.

  • Sex can change everything and if it turns out that there is no chemistry, you could end up dooming the friendship, too, and losing your best friend.
  • Your best friend knows you a little too well which you would think is a great thing, but it could be that they know the things that a partner may not want to know.
  • You no longer have a best friend to turn to that you had when you were dating other people and could talk through your issues with each other. Now that they are the one that you're dating, you can't turn to them for the advice that you usually look for from a best friend.

Dating your best friend is incredibly tricky territory. You can take my advice or not, but you are risking losing your closest confidant if you decide to try dating. If it works, it could be the best relationship of your life, but are you willing to give up the best friendship of your life?

(via Bustle)

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