How Frequent Do Married Couples Have Sex?
If you and your spouse enjoy the amount of sex that you are having, then that is all that matters, but as I am getting married in a few months, I like to know what married couples do in all aspects of the relationship!
Old Fashioned Dating Advice
Your mother may have given you dating advice while you were in high school, and you probably laughed at her and blew off what she had to say (I know that I did).
Don't Date Your Best Friend
If you grew up with someone who is now your best friend, perhaps there has been a time where you thought that maybe the two of you should date.
Are You Good In Bed?
A few weeks ago, I made a post with ways to know if you are a good kisser. While you may be thinking that you are a professional at this point with kissing, I'm sure you're now wondering about the other skills you have, and if they are just as good.

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