Your mother may have given you dating advice while you were in high school, and you probably laughed at her and blew off what she had to say (I know that I did). Bustle says that your mother may have had some great dating advice, and maybe you should listen to her next time.

  • Maintain a level of privacy when it comes to what you share with your friends about your relationship. Letting your friends in on the secrets of your relationship may cause trouble both with your partner and with your friends. Somethings are better kept to yourself, especially if they're potentially embarrassing.
  • Be mindful about sex which makes me sounds like a prude, I know. However adding an additional layer of thought before jumping into bed with a person could save you a lot of hassle and emotional stress. If you don't know the person that well, what are the chances that they could be lying to you about having recently gotten tested?
  • Expect respect because no relationship has any chance of surviving if you aren't giving and receiving respect all the time. If your partner can't bother to let you know that they have to work late and will be missing your date, then you show up to the movie theater and have to wait for them to never show up, what's the point?

Your mother was able to navigate the dating scene when she was your age, so maybe some of her advice is better than you thought it was before. Give it a shot!

(via Bustle)

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