Are you serious about wanting to save the planet, or are you one of those people who just talks a good game? If you really want to save the planet then there is one thing that you can do help.

Here's a great way to be green . . . AND lazy.

About 27% of the water we use is from flushing the toilet.  So according to, if we'd all start peeing in the SHOWER, it would save millions of gallons of water every year.  You would still use the toilet when you went number two.

And it would be even MORE environmentally conscious and cost effective for women, since you wouldn't have to use toilet paper after you pee.  You'd save yourself about six rolls of toilet paper a year. (Mic)

Who would have thought that all this time I was saving the earth. I feel better now. I just really like going to the bathroom under the stars.



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