Today is World Vegan Day, and after all of the Halloween candy is probably making you feel sick, the idea of eating anything else probably repulses you. But whether or not you've started moving to more vegetarian and vegan foods recently or not, there are some really good reasons to consider foods that don't contain any animal products in them.

  • It's good for the planet as livestock animals do produce a large chunk of the greenhouse gas emissions in the world. You also have to think about how much food needs to be grown, water needs to be consumed, land needs to be set aside for these animals that we could just use for ourselves.
  • It's good for your health which I don't think many people can argue about. If you have a heart attack, the first things that your doctor is likely to recommend you stop eating is red meat and dairy products. Eating more greens, vegetables and fruits are much better for you, and boy, do they taste good!
  • It's good for the animals because at the end of the day, no one really wants to die. And there isn't much different between a dog and a cow. They both want love, affection and life. You may not want to bring a cow into your home (I don't blame you), but you also probably don't want to eat the family pet. What makes any animal different from any other animal?

Now, I know that I am bias because I have already made the switch to eating vegan foods. When I was little, I would tell everyone that when I grew up, I wanted to be a "vegetarian" (I meant veterinarian), but I do think compassion is ingrained in all of us, so we should try to find our way back to that.

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