Out of all of the restaurants in the United States, one restaurant in Binghamton has been selected as having one of the very best plant-based roasts in the country!

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When Sara Liu, Binghamton University Class of 2006, and her husband Lei Liu, Binghamton University class of 2004 founded Binghamton’s very first all-vegan restaurant less than ten years ago, they probably never imagined that one of their dishes would receive national attention, but it has!

Sara, a vegetarian for nearly a decade, realized after her father had a heart attack, that she could find new ways to make old recipes she grew up making with her mom and grandma that her dad loved but without all of the ingredients that can cause health problems.

Parlor City Vegan via Facebook
Parlor City Vegan via Facebook

Sara told BingUNews that while her dad was in recovery, she would cook him meals that he loved but in a healthy way and that he really enjoyed him. Sara said her dad is a very blue-collar guy and she realized if he liked the healthy twist she was putting on his favorite meals, others might also.

In addition to health issues caused by many unhealthy but much-loved comfort dishes, Sara and her husband also realized that more and more people are struggling with food allergies which means they’re often deprived of delicious homestyle meals and so the couple decided to see what they could do about it.

Ribs, lasagna, pizza, even BBQ wings – Sara and her husband Lei were able to figure out how to transform favorite dishes into healthier versions, and on the weekends, they began to sell their dishes at the Broome County Regional Farmer’s Market where they were very popular.

Parlor City Vegan via Facebook
Parlor City Vegan via Facebook

From that – Parlor City Vegan, Binghamton’s completely vegan restaurant was born and today, PETA has recognized the restaurant for its delicious and healthy food by awarding the restaurant, and Sara and Lei, with a national award, called the “Roast Boast Award.”

The Roast Boast Award is a national award and is given to a select number of restaurants that are home to the best plant-based roast. The roast so delicious that it captured the attention of PETA is Parlor City Vegan’s Shaved House Made Juicy Roasted Seitan Turkey.

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