Ladies, you can learn so much about  guy on Facebook without him saying a word. Just check out his profile picture.

Dating can be a scary thing. So, maybe this will help you a little bit. A body language expert from Glamour Magazine will have you looking at his snapshot on his main page to reveal what words can't.

Hopefully this will help you learn more about him:

Mr. Serious
Men who don't smile are trying to broadcast masculinity. But the sobering look suggest he could be insecure or trying to mask his true feelings.

Goofy Guy
Me's the fun loving life of the party. But don't be surprised if he always has to be the center of attention. He also might try to make light of even serious things.

Sweet Smiler
He's a genuine guy. The relaxed smile signals that he's open, assured, and thus, more willing to put his heart out there for the right girl.

Good luck!

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