I don't usually think that I'm out of touch with my generation, but sometimes maybe I am because new slang words come in and out of style faster than I can learn what they are. Brit.Co has put together a list of some terms in the dating world that I had no idea were a thing.

  • Benching is the 2017 way of saying that you are leading someone on. You had a great first date, but the other person isn't sure if they want to pursue you, but they're also not sure if they don't want to either. They're "benching" you to see if someone better is out there.
  • Cushioning is the term for dating insurance (or a nicer way to say that you can't commit to save your life). While you're seeing someone regularly, you're also stringing along a back-up just in case your relationship falls apart. Essentially, it's cheating by another name.
  • Penguining is one I can relate to most. Penguins mate for life (you know is already if you listened to Morgan Freeman narrate "March of the Penguins"). Anyway, when you found the person you want to be with forever, you're considered "penguining".
  • Monkeying, in keeping in the theme of animal terms, someone who is "monkeying" has the tendency to swing from relationship to relationship to relationship, a definition that what I remember was for someone being called a serial monogamist.

Whether you like to penguin, monkey or any other animal term, just be nice to other people, we're all just looking for love!

(via Brit.Co)

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