Communication is so important in any relationship, romantic or otherwise, but sometimes there are phrases that we use (everyone is guilty of it) which can do more harm than good for your relationship. Bustle and Katie Ziskind, a licensed marriage and family therapist, explains why these phrases can be hurtful to your partner.

  • "Why did you...?" no matter what follows that phrase, 'why' questions are usually criticisms of your partner's actions. Instead of coming off as accusatory, it could be better for your relationship if you explain how you feel first about the situation and then allow your partner to explain their actions.
  • "You should..." can sound more like a command, and it can make your partner feel like you don't appreciate the things that they already do for you. Asking if your partner can do something instead of telling them that they should do something is a much nicer way at addressing what you think needs to be done.
  • "You never..." or "You always..." are phrases that can sound to your partner like you don't appreciate them or overlook them when they do something nice for you. Using these types of statements can make your partner feel like you only complain to them.

Words can sometimes kill a relationship of any kind, so you need to make sure that the words you choose when communicating with your partner are helpful and don't make them feel bad in any way. Productive language can do so much good for your partnership.

(via Bustle)

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