Some words and catchphrases from days gone by we make fun of now ("Wassssssup?!") but others, I wish we could bring back! Bustle agrees and says that there are some charming phrases from the 1950s that we should bring back.

  • "Made in the shade" means that you don't have a care in the world right now, so you could just kick back under a tree in your backyard or by the pool and just watch the world pass you by while you relax.
  • "You dig?" also meant to say "Do you understand?" It's much shorter and quicker to say after you explain something to a friend or co-worker, so next time you want to make sure someone understood what you were saying, just as them "You dig?" and see what they say!
  • "Let's burn rubber!" as a way of saying let's peel out of this parking lot or driveway quickly. You don't need a hotrod anymore in order to burn rubber either! Get out of here and onto the open road!

Some phrases should be kept in the past, but there are some fun ones that wouldn't hurt to bring back and try to get back into mainstream slang.

(via Bustle)

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