Is it Friday yet? Well, it should be! It's been a long week already, and I am so excited to finally get to the weekend so I can relax! Now if you are feeling the same way, here are a couple of Alexa hacks that can help you plan your weekend out with as little work as possible.

  • Make dinner reservations using Alexa by saying "Alexa open OpenTable". The smart assistant can give you a few suggestions on where to go, and then make reservations for you. You don't have to pick up your phone at all!
  • Order takeout if you don't want to leave the house (and I don't blame you at all) by saying "Alexa open Seamless". Alexa will offer you some suggestions and place your order for you... so easy!
  • Order a Lyft once your dinner reservations have been made. Alexa just makes your weekend so much easier than it should already be. It can help you in so many ways!

And if you need something to listen to while you're being so productive, you can play Kiss 104.1 right from your Alexa device! Click here to find out how to set that up.

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