With this summertime weather, a lot of us are outside and sweating. Deodorants are probably flying off the shelves of stores right now. Is sweating (and the inevitable odor) so bad for you? BuzzFeed has looked into it, and the answer is no.

Everyone has a "normal" amount in which they can sweat and still have it be healthy, and that amount is different for each person. Your genetics, any environmental conditions, your gender, age, and fitness level all help to determine this.

Those who exercise regularly perspire earlier and easier than those living a more sedentary lifestyle, and they are one of two groups who sweat the most. The other group is those who are overweight because they have more body mass to cool down.

Sweating should only be a real cause for concern if it is affecting your day-to-day life. If you are sweating in abnormal places or in excess amounts, you may want to see a doctor. Otherwise, go out and sweat away!

(via BuzzFeed)

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