When you thought you had found the love of your life, you assumed that it would be easy, always in love with hearts over your eyes, but sometimes that just isn't the case. Bustle says that there are ways to tell if you're unhappy in your relationship.

  • You feel awkward around your partner and I'm not just talking about those "getting to know each other" jitters, but feeling as though your partner is judging you and making you feel bad.
  • You avoid conflict which can be counter-intuitive as it doesn't solve any problems that you might be having. This might be a sign that you are checking out of the relationship because you don't care about your partner as much as you used to.
  • You have more fun alone and that's okay! If you feel like you can relax and enjoy yourself more by yourself than with your partner than you two might be growing apart.

You know yourself and how you're feeling better than anyone else, but if you're feeling disinterested and unhappy in your relationship, you might want to talk to your partner about it to see if anything can be done.

(via Bustle)

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