A new study has come out recently about the affects of alcohol on appetite. Alcohol switches the brain into starvation mode which then signals the body to want to eat more.

The U.K. researchers who reported their findings in the journal Nature Communications tested this and saw results in mice, so they say the same is probably true for us humans.

The mice in the study were given alcohol, a dose for them being equivalent to around a bottle-and-a-half of wine for a person. The alcohol caused an increased activity in neurons called A.G.R.P. These are the neurons that are fired when the body goes into starvation mode.

When the researchers conducted the experiment again, but blocked the neurons with a drug, the mice did not eat as much which would suggest that A.G.R.P. neurons are responsible for the alcohol-induced eating.

So whether you consume alcohol regularly, or just on the weekends with friends, be careful with what you eat after you start drinking!

(via BBC)

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