My friends used to joke that instead of getting my stomach stapled, I should get my kitchen stapled. It turns out that might not have been such bad advice.

Do you have a messy and disorganized kitchen or a clean and tidy kitchen? That's an important question to ask yourself because your kitchen could be influencing your scale. Research out of Cornell University found that people who have chaotic kitchens often experience out-of-control stressful feelings that increase their desire to snack on indulgent treats.

We found the more cluttered and confusing an environment was, the more people ate."

I would imagine that feeling extends past the kitchen to any area of your life. I don't know about you but when I am disorganized I feel overwhelmed and just want to eat...and NOT veggies.

The study backs up how I feel...messy kitchens make people anxious, and when they get anxious, they end up eating more.

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