I'm sure it is no surprise that having a messy desk can make you look unprofessional. But, I am sure this will surprise you too...a clean desk can be unprofessional as well.

I'm going to call this the "Marriage Study" because you can't win. Whether your desk is clean or dirty, you are wrong. And, I'm sure that my desk will raise a red flag too.

A new survey from PR Newswire, found 54% of bosses say it's a red flag when one of their employees' desks is too messy.  But 10% say they're suspicious of an employee whose desk is too CLEAN.

They didn't get into the reasons why, but we're thinking it could be because a clean desk makes it seem like your workload is too light because you have enough time to constantly straighten up.

And since a messy desk can be linked to creativity, having a clean one could show you're too uptight and uncreative.

The survey also found 15% of bosses have had an employee hang up something inappropriate in their cubicle.

If you can find a happy medium with your desk, that might be the best option for you to stay off your boss's radar.

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