We all have certain dating deal breakers. Would you date someone who you didn't find attractive? You will be surprised at the answer to that.

What is your dating deal breaker? Could you be with someone who wasn't good in bed? What if someone wasn't romantic? How about unattractive? I think you will be surprised at some of these dating statistics I found from BroBible.

A new survey dug into those typical dating dealbreakers, and found out how many people had relationships where they caved on pretty major issues.  Here are the results.

1.  30% of people have been in a long-term relationship with someone who wasn't good in bed.

2.  29% have been with someone who wasn't romantic.

3.  24% with someone who had a low sex drive.

4.  20% with someone who wasn't their type.

5.  20% with someone who they argued with DAILY.

6.  15% with someone who let their physical appearance go once they got in the relationship.

7.  And 12% have been with someone who they found unattractive.

The survey also found around 3% of people would end a relationship if their significant other started wearing sweatpants in public.

Why can't I find that girl that would date someone who was ugly?

[via: BroBible]

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