Another Parade Day in Binghamton has come and gone. The only thing left are the headaches. How do we treat a hangover?

Another day of partying for Binghamton Parade Day is in the books. If you think that drinking alcohol will help cure your hangover. I'm sorry to report this, but that is FALSE.

According to the Daily Mail, a new study found that the WORST way to treat a hangover is to try to drink it off.  The researchers found that we THINK alcohol helps because it temporarily numbs the pain . . . but ultimately, your symptoms will come back even stronger.

So what IS the best cure?  Unfortunately, the researchers say the only thing that'll really work is time.

How many times have we woken up from a night of partying and promised that we will NEVER drink again? Well, just give it time and you will be back in the bar with me living it up!

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