"No Shave November" is in full swing right now, and with a bearded boyfriend, I couldn't be happier. Bustle has come to the conclusion that woman are more attracted to men with beards (versus without), and I could not agree more to that statement.

A survey of nearly 2,500 women was conducted by a dating site, and the results showed that over 60 percent found male facial hair attractive. 1,500 of those polled who were fans of beards over mustaches, and only 6.4 percent of those polled preferred just a mustache.

In another study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Behavior drew the conclusion that women preferred men with light stubble for one-night-stands and full beards for men they would want to date long term or have children with after polling more than 8.500 women.

So whether you have a beard, stubble or are clean shaven, I'm sure you will find someone who loves you and your face. However there is a clear preference among women, and I'm on Team Beard all the way!

(via Bustle)

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