The "friend zone" is a term that means when one person likes someone, but the affection is not returned and the first person then settles for friendship instead. Bustle believes that this term needs to go away, and I'm on board with that. We need to stop telling younger generations that this term even exists

This phrase implies that relationships are transactional, so that says that if one person does enough nice things, buys them enough meals, movie tickets, helps with enough favors, that they are then owed something in return. No. Good deeds are not meant to be redeemed for prizes.

In a sense, the "friend zone" can blur the lines of consent, and with an already negative connotation to the term, this can get really ugly. Here's the thing, you don't have to date every person that is interested in you, you don't have to sleep with every person that holds the door open for you, but for some reason, there are people out there that think that you do or else you're a -insert expletive here- ! Which isn't right! And the term "friend zone" plays into all of that.

(via Bustle)

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