It's only natural to move on after a break-up, and just like you want to get back out there, so does your ex. So when you see that your ex has moved on, why does that hurt even though you're over them? There could be a number of reasons why.

  • Your current partner is a rebound and you may not see a future with the person that you're currently seeing. So when your ex-partner has started a relationship with someone new, you might be worried that they've found the right one for them while you're still out there looking.
  • Your ego is taking a hit when you see who your ex has moved on with. They might have your dream job, be younger or stronger than you are, or have any other traits that are making you feel envious. It's completely normal to compare yourself to your ex's new partner, but remind yourself of the traits that you have that make you special, too.
  • You feel like a failure because your relationship didn't work out for one reason or another. Just remember that it takes two to tango, so both of you had to work to make it work, so whatever the reason that your relationship didn't work out, it is not completely your fault. Don't beat yourself up!

Break-ups can sting, but when you see your ex moving on, that can definitely reopen the wound. Remember why you two broke up in the first place, and hopefully that will remind you why you're better off without them anyway.

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