For two weekends this month, I have found myself struggling to find a restaurant open on a Sunday to go out to dinner. I can't be the only person in Binghamton trying to find a place to eat on a Sunday and coming up with very few options. So if anyone else needs to find a place to have lunch or dinner this Sunday, here are some great places to go that are open on Sundays.

On the east side of Binghamton:

  • Cortese Restaurant
  • Michaelangelo's

On the south side of Binghamton:

  • Number 5
  • Thirsty's Tavern

On the west side of Binghamton:

  • Crepe Heaven
  • Thai Time
  • The Old Union Hotel

On the north side of Binghamton:

  • El Pulpo Mexican Restaurant
  • The Spot Restaurant

If you want to go downtown:

  • Little Venice
  • Citrea
  • The Good Bao
  • Peterson's Tavern
  • The Colonial

There are definitely some awesome options in Binghamton, so there's no need to despair, but it certainly feels limited compared to the rest of the week. Enjoy Restaurant Week while it's still here!

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