There has been one thing that has helped me tremendously with my weight loss journey, and that is changing what I eat for breakfast.

A friend informed me that not only is it important to never skip breakfast, but what I put in my mouth first thing in the morning can make or break my day as far as eating goes.

But, it can be a little confusing. Because if you are supposed to never skip breakfast, what do you do if the only choice is something fattening? Do you eat that doughnut or skip the most important meal of the day?

According to Men's Health, skip breakfast. All that sweet stuff is only going to make you hungrier in a couple of hours when your blood sugar crashes. Also know that skipping breakfast is NOT the end of the world.

"Your body has plenty of stored fuel to carry you through to lunch. I even encourage some of my clients to skip a mean every so often so they know what it's like to feel hungry, deal with it, and not freak."

Think of that as your willpower workout.

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