You wouldn't think that doing things on an empty stomach would affect how you do certain tasks, but Bustle has put together a list of things that you should never do on an empty stomach for fear of the consequences.

  • Going grocery shopping unless you want to overspent and pick up items you normally would not shop for. Your cravings will overtake your usual habits and your shopping list will go right out the window.
  • Working out on an empty stomach may limit your performance and prevent you from reaching your personal best with that work-out.
  • Drink alcohol which we all have forgotten to do before and then after two drinks we're slurring our words and you'll be making some bad choices earlier in the night that you normally would be.

Eating is important! Everyone forgets to eat every once in a while, but doing so can really hinder your decision-making skills as well as other aspects of your life, so try not to forget!

(via Bustle)

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