Beginning a new relationship can be exciting, you're getting to know someone, and so far, you really like who this person is. But Bustle has compiled a list of some things that you should definitely tell (or already know about someone) before you decide to be in a relationship with them.

  • Their relationships with their exes especially if they still talk/text/snapchat, what have you. Some people are okay with their partners being friends with exes while others have a harder time with it. It's definitely good to know ahead of time about this.
  • Their expectations for this relationship because if one of you believes in marriage as the end-goal, and the other does not, then there is a conversation that you two need to have before deciding if you two should really be in a relationship together.
  • Their views on monogamy which can be a difficult conversation to bring up early on in a relationship, but if one of you wants an open relationship and the other one wants to only share the bed with their partner, then there is a crossroads that needs to be addressed.
  • Their plans for the future and whether or not you really fit in it. If your partner wants to travel the world living on the generosity of others, but you want to climb the corporate ladder in a big city, then that's a good thing to know now instead of six months from now.

Essentially, there are some deal breaking conversations that should happen sooner than later in all relationships. It's better to know now than to know when there are feelings involved. No one wants to have their heart broken.

(via Bustle)

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