Whether you just started dating someone, or you have to contribute a gift to a white elephant event at your work, what the heck do you gift someone that you have no idea what to gift them?

  • A pop culture game like Beatles Monopoly or Oregon Trail: the board game. These are the kinds of games that the receiver of the gift could always pull out at parties and people would love. They would never buy these games themselves, but they would be good party games.
  • A funny candle think "dog paws" or "play dough" where it smells good, but the name of the candle is just cheeky or funny. Everyone loves candles, but people don't usually buy candles for themselves.
  • Baked goods because EVERYONE likes baked goods. If it's for a specific person, make sure they don't have any allergies, but otherwise, no one will turn down a coffee cake or pumpkin bread or a batch of cookies.

Gift giving is a challenge for a lot of people, like me! I struggle to find the right gifts for people every year. So take these suggestions with a grain of salt, but they may be the perfect ideas for the right person!

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