Now that the weather is warming up, I'm thinking about getting away and spending a week on the beach on Cape Cod in August. I try to go every summer, but sometimes that isn't always possible. Two years ago, I brought my then-boyfriend (now-fiancé) with me, and there was a lot of pressure involved with it! Bustle, and Jenny Campbell who is the Chief Marketing Officer at Tinder, explain that there are some things to consider before going on vacation with your partner.

While every couple is different, when you decide to first take a vacation together should be a decision that you both make together. General consensus seems to think that should be at around six months into a relationship. Spending that concentrated amount of time with your partner can show a lot about the person you're with and how you two handle that amount of time together if you aren't used to spending all day, for days on end with each other.

Going away on a vacation with your partner can hold symbolic value in where your relationship is at, and both people in the relationship should be aware of that. To avoid disappointment, it's good to have that kind of conversation before you board your plane or pack up your car for the trip.

There can be a lot of pressure put on a vacation with your partner when traveling together for the first time. What matters most is that you both want to go, and you both want to have a good time together. Enjoy it!

(via Bustle)

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