With an office job, you sit for eight hours during the day and then drive home (sitting) and cook dinner where you sit down in front of the television or computer until you go to bed. What does all of that sitting do to your body? Bustle has a few things that may happen if you don't find a way to get moving more.

  • You're at risk for organ damage because by sitting, you're limiting the blood flow and that causes your muscles to burn less fat. More fat equals the potential for clogged arteries and cause problems for your heart.
  • You're slowing down digestion when you sit because your body isn't moving which means it doesn't have the need for the energy from the food right away. Cramping, heart burn, bloating can all result from food just sitting in your stomach and intestines.
  • It screws up you posture which can cause more backaches, herniated disks and sore necks and shoulders. Sitting all day kind of stinks already, being in pain while sitting makes it even worse!
  • You're at a higher risk for blood clots and that is potentially life-threatening. Clots can block blood to your vital organs, and people have died from that!

Try going for a walk around the office or outside on your lunch hour. Stand up and stretch as often as you can spare it. Your health depends on it!

(via Bustle)

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