If this semester will be your first time ever having to share a space with a roommate, then you may be a little worried about how smoothly everything will go. Brit.Co has some definite "not to do" tips that may help you both out this coming fall.

  • Don't mooch from your roommate, whether that's "borrowing" from their supply of microwavable macaroni and cheese or using their floss to get something out from in-between your teeth. Respect their property, and they will respect yours.
  • Don't "room-spread", similar to man-spreading in the sense that you don't want to take up too much space. Try to keep things as equal as possible to hopefully keep it civil.
  • Don't be a ghost to your roommate because even though you now have all this freedom that you may not be used to, it is still in good etiquette to let your roommate know where you are and when you'll be back. You don't want them worrying about you just as you wouldn't want to worry about them.

Just as with any other relationship in your life, communicating with your roommate is the best way for success in this new situation for both of you. Happy semester!

(via Brit.Co)

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