You are with your co-workers for at least 40 hours a week. They are bound to annoy you or get under your skin. But, what specifically annoys you about them?

Is it that your co-worker reeks of garlic, or wears clothing soiled in pizza sauce? No!

But, a Manta SMB Nation Survey asked entrepreneurs to reveal which habits of their employees just absolutely drive them crazy. People who look good are paid more. The top 5 ways we annoy our bosses:

  1. Sloppy grooming (40 percent)
  2. Talking too much on the phone with family members (29 percent)
  3. Messy work areas (9 percent)
  4. Returning from breaks reeking of cigarette smoke (8 percent)
  5. In-office fundraising, such as selling Girl Scout cookies (1 percent)

What annoys you about your co-workers?

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