If you hate the task of brushing your teeth everyday, so much that you would consider having false teeth just so you wouldn't have to brush then I have something for you.

What about brushing your teeth stinks? The time it takes, the repetitive arm motion or both? Well, you are going to love this new toothbrush then. Because it brushes your teeth in record time and it even eliminates the arm motion of doing it.

According to Metro.co.uk, this is the ultimate lazy person's toothbrush. It brushes your teeth in 10 seconds flat.

It looks more like a mouthguard than a toothbrush that you're used to.  You put it in your mouth, press a button, and it simultaneously scrubs all of your teeth with just the right amount of toothpaste.

Maybe, you aren't lazy but you are extremely busy and think that you could be doing other things while this little device brushes your teeth. Then you should check it out.

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