I always say that different things are the best invention ever. I believe my exact quote is, "this is the best thing since sliced bread." But, what really are the best inventions ever?

I can honestly say that I do believe that sliced bread is one of the greatest inventions ever. But, I might just be addicted to carbs. What do you think is the greatest invention ever?

Another invention that I have utilized a lot is the rumble strips on the side of the highway. I really think that if it wasn't for them I would be writing this blog from a ditch somewhere.

According to a new survey from Express.co.uk, the best or most important invention ever was the wheel. The survey was done in England, so some of the inventions that made the list are interesting. But, here are the top 10 best inventions ever:

1.  The wheel.

2.  The refrigerator.

3.  Modern sewage systems.

4.  The plough, because it made farming so much easier.

5.  Penicillin.

6.  The Internet.

7.  Armor.

8.  The light bulb.

9.  The clock.

10.  Teabags.  A guy from New York named Thomas Sullivan usually gets credit for inventing them.  It happened in 1908 by MISTAKE.  He packaged samples of tea in little silk pouches, and people assumed you were supposed to dip them.

Anyone who knows me is probably going to agree with #3...the modern sewage system. if you had to pick, what would you name as the best invention ever?

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