No one can predict the future, but we all would like to know if our relationships will last forever. Bustle, and psychotherapist Dr. Jennifer Howard, say that there are some signs that you can look for to see how you will feel about your partner over time.

  • You share a lot of the same values such as religion, politics and whether or not you want to have children (and how many, if you do). The core values can make or break any relationship, so if you don't agree on those things now, odds are they won't change in the future and could become more of an issue in the relationship.
  • You know yourselves well and are comfortable as a person by yourself. You don't need the relationship to feel any kind of self-worth, it's just a nice feeling to know that someone else loves you as much as you already love yourself.
  • You have different strengths and bring different things to the relationship. My fiancé is very handy around the house, so when things need to be repaired, he is able to fix whatever it is. I can't do that, so that is something that he brings to the relationship that I appreciate.

The unknown can be scary, especially in relationships, because you two will either stay together for the rest of your lives or you will break up. Unfortunately, there is no other alternatives.

(via Bustle)

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