How could we possibly doing it wrong? You throw it in, enter a time and hit start. Right? Wrong!

I can't believe that I didn't think of this, because it's so simple and makes so much sense. What I am about to tell you has happened to all of us. You heat something up in the microwave, like a big plate of spaghetti, but the middle is still cold. So, you mix it up and toss it back in only to burn your mouth when it's done.

Well, prepared to be blown away with this easy way to fix that problem. According to Bro Bible, instead of piling it up in a big mound, try arranging it in the shape of a DONUT . . . a circle of pasta, with a hole in the middle.

It should heat more evenly that way, so you'll only have to zap it once.  And there won't be any hotter-than-lava sections, so you're less likely to burn your mouth.

It will help with other foods too. If you are reheating drumsticks, place them in a circle with the meaty part on the outside of the plate.

Happy Microwaving!

[via: Bro Bible]


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