Horror movies are definitely not my favorite genre of film, but on Halloween of all days, I definitely like to sit down and watch a good scary movie. Bustle has come up with some great ideas on how to calm yourself down after watching a horror movie.

  • Go behind the scenes of the movie that you just watched and see if you can find a good blooper reel online. If you see the actors getting goofy on set, you will be much more likely to feel at ease before going to bed tonight.
  • Watch something really funny after you finish the horror movie. Maybe put on a few episodes of your favorite funny sitcom or videos online of cats. A good laugh will help you calm down and feel less scared to turn off the lights later on in the evening.
  • Exercise because, believe it or not, it can be a great distraction for you to think about your pain and gain that you won't even remember the scary movie that you just watched.

Watching scary movies on Halloween is almost required as an adult. We're too old to trick-or-treat so we might as well get a good fright!

(via Bustle)

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