How many times have you gone on a date and things were going well UNTIL you starting talking politics? Well, you don't have to worry about that anymore.

Are you a Donald Trump supporter who couldn't think of dating someone who doesn't share your unbridled passion for him?  Well then, you need to get on board with

According to the New York Post, this thing might be the real deal.  It started last summer and it's still going strong, with 20,000 members and growing.  Unfortunately, that also means the PRICE has gone up . . . from $5 a month when it opened to $19.95 now.

But isn't that a small price to pay to MAKE DATING GREAT AGAIN?  Yes, that's one of their slogans.

The founder says, quote, "Sometimes it's tough to date when you're a Trump supporter, so we're making it easier to find each other, who are like-minded and have the same political views.

"We just have our views and when we stick to them and we're proud of them and we're not willing to give up on them just to date somebody."

In case you're wondering . . . no marriages yet, but the site's still pretty new.


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