My fiancé loses his cell phone all of the time, and he knows that whenever he can't find something, chances are I know exactly where it is and can find it for him without even leaving my seat. Bustle says that there are tricks to try in order to remember where you left something, so maybe next time, my fiancé won't even have to ask me!

  • Use "designated places" so that you always know where your keys, your cell phone or anything else should be. If you don't find it there, then you may be out of luck until you get into the habit of always placing it in its' designated spot.
  • Make up a chant to help you remember where you placed something before you walk away from it, such as "my keys are by the stove" and repeat that a few times over so that you are able to recall in the next morning when you are frantically looking for your keys.
  • Recall what you were doing at the time when you were last using the thing that you're looking for. If you can retrace your steps to when you remember having it last, you might just be able to find it!

Worst case scenario though, you can just call for me and I will probably know exactly where you left it.

(via Bustle)

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